‘cleverly intertwines a variety of sources and styles…switching smoothly between medieval organum, edgy ostinatos or sustained reflection.’

Quartet for Strings

It occupies a sound-world of its own….the result is a magical candescent sonority, ideally suited to Singer’s fleeting suavely repetitive music…The overall effect is rather as thought the rhetoric of string quartet writing had been thoroughly scrubbed clean. – It is an original work – the concept is as distinct as the craftsmanship is lucid.’

Paul Driver – Financial Times – April 11th 1986

Psalms for Today – premiered in St. Paul’s Cathedral

‘Here were three centuries of English church music, updated and moulded to the feel of Wren’s masterpiece and compressed into a mere six minutes. Brilliant’

Jewish Chronicle November 1995

For Young Ears Only

‘ – my young-at-heart-ears were thoroughly beguiled by their very clever but simply notated and sure-firing patterns.’..the studies called ‘Downward Trend’ and ‘Canoning Gavottes’ guarantee excitement for any lisener.’

Paul Driver – The Listener April 1986

‘the work is among the most effective attempts I have heard to write enjoyable unpretentious short pieces for solo piano’

Keith Potter – Classical Music July 1986

The pieces give a good idea of the scope of Singer’s compositional technique, with its nods towards Ligeti and minimalism and penchant for jazzy syncopation, as well as of the clarity of his harmonic thinking. Each number is tiny and tightly sef-contained: the musical image is conveyed with the minimum of fuss, cunningly calculated to tease and engage young minds.

Andrew Clements – Financial Times 1986


‘An engaging work displaying a refreshing atonality, melodic invention and rhythmic variety and momentum.’

Malcolm Miller – Musical Opinion – July 2020

 ‘There are very few composers in Britain who show such assurance in balancing old and new elements ‘out in the open’ as it were.’

Keith Potter – Classical Music – July 1986


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